When a loved one is tragically killed, why you need a law firm

I recently read an article in the newspaper about a mother and her three children who were tragically killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. Because of the deaths involved,  this is a much more complicated case than your typical car accident and it is important that you hire a law firm, such as Lusk, Drasites, Tolisano & Smith P.A.  that is experienced in both estate/probate and personal injury law.   First, because of the deaths, the law requires that an estate be created. Since most people do not have a will, especially younger people, a lawyer will have to create an estate so he can make a claim for insurance benefits from either the drunken driver or from the deceased person’s own insurance policy. A typical personal injury lawyer does not practice estate law as well and therefore will refer it to a lawyer in his firm who does or if that is not possible refer it to a lawyer in another firm.The latter situation is not only inconvenient for the client since he has to deal with two different law firm on the same matter but also requires the two different lawyers to constantly contact one another so each knows what the other is doing on the case. Here at Lusk, Drasites, Tolisano and Smith, P.A.  we are fortunate to have both experienced trial and probate/estate lawyers who will work together on your case to bring about the best result possible from this tragic event.

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