Do I Need a Will?

If you died in a freak accident today, who would receive the assets in your estate? If you do not have a will, your hard-earned assets may not end up going to your intended recipients. Whether you have a substantial amount of money and property to be distributed to your heirs or just a small number of personal belongings, it is important to have a will. This ensures that your wishes will be carried out after you die.

A well crafted will not only facilitates a smooth transition of your property to your intended heirs, it may also help you avoid additional probate taxes levied on estates for which there is no will. By creating a will, you also have the opportunity to designate someone you trust to manage the distribution of your assets.

Your will can address:

• Who receives specific property and assets
• Who will manage the distribution of your estate
• Who will care for dependent children
• Charitable gifts
• The creation of posthumous trusts

If you die without a will, your estate will be distributed according to the probate laws of your state. The courts will have to appoint someone to manage and distribute your estate, and the fees paid to this manager can be quite costly. By creating a will, you will expedite the process and save many of the costs incurred when there is no will to govern your assets. As a result, you will have more to leave to your heirs.

The Fort Myers estate planning attorneys at Lusk, Drasites, Tolisano & Smith have crafted many wills for our clients in order to help ensure their assets are distributed properly. This service is relatively inexpensive, and we will work with you throughout the process to make sure that your wishes are accurately represented in the final document.

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