Lee County, Florida Leash Laws for Dogs

The state of Florida does not have any statewide leash laws governing the restraint of dogs. Instead, each county has enacted its own statutes governing pet-related issues, including leash laws. While these laws are similar from country to county, they are not identical. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the unique laws that apply to the county in which you reside.

Under the statutes enacted by Lee County, all dog owners are prohibited from allowing the dog in their control from becoming stray or roaming at large on:

• Public streets
• Sidewalks
• School grounds or in the vicinity of school vehicles
• Beaches
• Parks
• Private property of others without the property owner’s consent

A dog is considered to be “roaming at large” when it is not under the restraint or direct control of its owner. Allowable methods of restraint include:

• Dog leash
• Fence
• Building
• Chain
• Cage
• Crate
• Other secure enclosure preventing the dog from roaming freely

In order for a dog to be considered under direct control, it must be within immediate and continuous physical control of its owner at all times, and statutes dictate that any leash, cord, or chain used to control the dog must not exceed six feet.

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