5 Tips for Driving in Unfamiliar Places

Driving Auto Attorneys Cape Coral FLDriving in an unfamiliar area can be intimidating, especially if you’re a long way from home. Not to mention, other drivers can become aggressive if you drive slowly or make sudden stops. Fortunately, our car accident attorneys are here to help with their 5 tips for driving in unfamiliar places.

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Don’t drive distracted! It can be easy to miss road signs when you’re trying to look for your turn or read passing business signs. However, it’s important that you pay attention to speed limit signs. The speed limit for each area is carefully chosen based on traffic, pedestrians, as well as proximity to schools and residential neighborhoods.

If you’re unfamiliar with an area, it’s okay to drive a little below the speed limit. Just make sure you stay in the right lane if possible so other vehicles can pass if they want.

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Check out your route and destination ahead of time with Google Maps, MapQuest, or other online map tools. Google Maps even has a Street View feature that allows you to actually see your route as if you were there. Take advantage of these tools and you’ll feel less overwhelmed when driving in an unfamiliar area.

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While GPS is great for drivers in unfamiliar territory, it shouldn’t be your only navigational tool. GPS is helpful for urban areas and will map most (if not all) streets. However, GPS may not recognize less-traveled roads in rural areas.

If you’re planning to drive somewhere new, write down your directions on an index card. That way, you have backup information if your GPS fails you. You should also have local and state maps in your glove box. Unlike your smartphone, good old-fashioned maps never get low batteries.


Don’t panic if you miss your turn. Instead, pull into a parking lot or driveway and turn around. You’re more likely to cause a car accident if you suddenly slam on your brakes or swerve into another lane to make your turn at the last minute. Keep your cool and remember that you can always turn around.

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Use your turn signal when you want to change lanes or turn. That way, other drivers will know what your intentions are and drive accordingly.

When you’re driving in an unfamiliar area, it can be easy to forget good driving habits. Use your turn signal and follow the rest of our tips to reduce your chances of getting in a car accident.

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