Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

How do I choose the best personal injury lawyer?
Choosing a personal injury attorney can be a difficult decision to make. You’ll most likely want someone who is aggressive and professional, but also attentive and understanding enough to take your call, no matter the time or day. The attorney should have experience, a proven success record, and have been well educated in personal injury law. An attorney that can take complex legal issues and translate them into simple terms you appreciate.

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I’ve been injured. Can Lusk, Drasites and Tolisano, P.A. handle my case?
Not every case of personal injury is one in which suit is appropriate. For instance, there must generally be permanent injury, disability or chronic pain, and was caused by the action or inaction of another.

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Is it better to settle a suit out of court or move to trial?
Statistics reflect that in more than 60% of cases, the amount offered in a settlement exceeded the amount received by the victim in a case that went to trial. As such, it is often in your best interest to make all attempts to reach a settlement. Lusk, Drasites and Tolisano, P.A. lawyers work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the full amount due to you in your personal injury case in a timely and efficient manner.

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Do I need an attorney to file for divorce?
In Florida you are not required to retain an attorney to pursue a dissolution of marriage. However, the experienced divorce attorneys at Lusk, Drasites and Tolisano, P.A. can help make a potentially stressful task easier to complete. Keep in mind too that your spouse may already have legal representation who will work to gain the greatest benefit possible for the other party, and when this includes a determination of child support, child custody, alimony, bankruptcy or property distribution, attorney representation may be advisable.

What reasons are considered grounds for divorce in Florida?
There are only two allowable grounds for divorce in the State of Florida: one of the parties has been deemed incapacitated at least three years preceding the filing, or the marriage is irretrievably broken. However, there are many evidences of a broken marriage relationship, including adultery, bigamy, desertion, drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence, conviction of a felony and more.

What can I do to retain custody of my children?
Ideally, you and your spouse will come reach agreement on the amount of time each person spends with the children. If you are concerned for the welfare of your children, however, and are seeking sole custody, it is imperative to have the representation of attorneys like those at Lusk, Drasites and Tolisano, P.A. who are experts in child custody law. The court takes into account the emotional and physical wellbeing of your children when determining which parent will have custody, or how much custody either parent is awarded.

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DUI/Criminal Law

What are the consequences if I am convicted of a DUI?
There are several potential penalties that can be applied, depending on the level and recurrence of the conviction. The consequences can be more significant if it involved a car accident or someone else’s death. These penalties may be administered individually or together, and can include fines, community service, probation, imprisonment, license suspension or loss, automobile impoundment or mandatory driving courses

If I am arrested, what are my rights?
When law enforcement makes an arrest, they must advise you of your Miranda rights. Among other things, you have the right to remain silent and to seek attorney counsel. When you are taken into police custody, the process usually includes questioning your involvement. In a situation where you did nothing wrong or should not face charges, ignoring your right to remain silent may have unintended–sometimes devastating– consequences.

How can a criminal defense attorney help me?
A criminal defense attorney acts as an advocate for your rights and is the only person in the courtroom working to ensure that you are not convicted. Your lawyer represents you in all court proceedings, may conduct an independent investigation of your case, interview witnesses, evaluate evidence and take other actions to prove your innocence or weakness in the prosecution’s case.

If you have been accused of committing a crime, including driving under the influence (DUI), you rights matter. Contact Lusk, Drasites and Tolisano, P.A. online or toll-free at (800) 283-7442 without delay.

Real Estate, Foreclosure and Business Contract Law

What laws do I need to understand before I purchase real estate?
When buying real estate, it is important to understand the sales contract. Is the property being sold in an “as is” condition? What happens if there are liens on the property? Do I lose my deposit if I do not qualify for a loan? A Lusk, Drasites and Tolisano, P.A. real estate attorney examines a proposed contract or draft to ensure that meets your needs and protects your rights.

How can I avoid property foreclosure?
A change in life circumstances or economic situation may mean that you can no longer afford to pay your mortgage in full and on time every month, and failure to act may lead your lender to foreclose.

Lusk, Drasites and Tolisano, P.A. encourages you to seek help early for your best chance to avoid foreclosure. Our real estate lawyers know Florida real estate laws and your rights as a borrower. We can work with your lender to modify your mortgage or investigate any predatory lending practices that may have occurred.

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