Florida’s Roads are Getting More Deadly, Find Out Why and How to Protect Yourself

If you’ve been on a drive through our beautiful Sunshine State in the last year, you may have spotted something among the palms and coastal views: signs and billboards featuring the words “Arrive Alive”. The Arrive Alive campaign was introduced shortly after the end of 2016, the year that highlighted Florida as one of the worst in the nation for traffic deaths.

We know that Florida has never been a stranger to traffic incidents, seeing as it’s a place that millions call home and thousands more move to each year. But because of the steadily-rising population and Florida’s unique geography accidents have been steadily rising and turning deadlier each day as we reach mid-2017.

It’s important to know just why these incidents are occurring more frequently and to learn how to protect yourself and loved ones from becoming victims of an accident. Read on for more.


Need for Speed

While South Florida’s roads may be getting more congested with new residents each year, the average speed of drivers isn’t changing to accommodate the decline in road space. On average, 64% of drivers are comfortable speeding behind the wheel, regardless of location or other traffic.

What You Can Do: Speeding is responsible for a vast amount of accidents each year, and the trend is set to continue. Remember to follow speed limit guidelines—they’re there for a reason. Also be on the lookout for those speeding around you and double-check all directions before driving through an intersection. The second glance may help you see a speeding red-light runner before it’s too late.



While distracted driving occurs nationwide, the act is especially prevalent here in Florida, which is second in the nation for distracted driving and resulting incidents. This may be the result of Florida being among a handful of states where it is unlawful to be pulled over and ticketed just for driving while distracted.

What You Can Do: While the law prevents drivers from being reprimanded for distracted driving, the stats prove that in Florida, it’s best to tuck the phone away into a pocket or glovebox until you’ve reached your destination.


Seasonal Drivers

With the flourishing world-class tourism in Florida, we see our fair share of seasonal drivers each year. These drivers are often unfamiliar with the roads, directions, and geography of Florida which can lead to several accidents each year. In addition to tourists, we also see our good amount of senior seasonal drivers who provide difficulties on the road.

What You Can Do: Be aware of those around you regarding their speed, ability to stay in their lane, and if they seem lost or disoriented, it may be best to pass or provide significant distance between you and the other vehicle. Be on your guard at all times behind the wheel, especially when driving through heavy tourist traffic areas.

Always maintain proper safety and awareness while driving to prevent yourself from becoming a victim in an auto accident. Should you find yourself in an accident, however, Lusk, Drasites, & Tolisano will be here to guide and represent you through the process and help you get the outcomes your deserve.

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