Five Reason to Consider a Real Estate Attorney

Whether buying or selling a home or commercial space, real estate can be a highly confusing field. There is a great deal of information associated with buying and selling, and while some of it is easily understandable, much of it may be unclear or have sneaky hidden meanings.

Luckily, an experienced real estate attorney can take out the headache and confusion from baffling forms, contracts, or agreements to ensure you’re making a well-informed decision. So, in what specific situations should you speak with a real estate attorney? Read on to find out.


Deciphering Documentation

Purchase, sale, and mortgage documents are not what you might consider light reading. As such, there may be confusing or concerning language contained in them that require a professional’s help to decipher.

A real estate attorney is essential in this case, as they are wholly on your side. A real estate or mortgage manager, however, may actually want you to be confused by terms and legal jargon to enhance their end of the deal and get their payment quicker. These agents generally get paid only after a real estate transaction has “closed”, so they are motivated to get a deal moved forward as quick as they can regardless of the risks.


Tenant Disagreements

In the case of a disagreement either with a tenant or a landlord, the first call you should make is to a real estate attorney. Not only do these professionals handle real estate buying and selling, but also rental disputes, issues, and cases.

Having an attorney on your side will help you mediate between both parties and help to settle cases, all while having an expert professional on your side to help you achieve the best outcome.


Protecting Your Rights

It’s no secret that buying and selling real estate can come with more than a few bumps in the road. Some of those bumps, however, can turn into mountains that involve disputes and challenges to your real estate rights.

When your rights are challenged during the real estate process, a veteran attorney can come to your aid and help ensure your rights are protected at all times and help settle any cases or disputes if need be.


Business Negotiations

Buying a commercial space for a business is a big step! It means the business is thriving. Still, it is a business, and getting the best deal is important. Commercial real estate and residential real estate can vary wildly in their details. As such, having an adaptive professional on your side can make all the difference. An attorney can help negotiate loans, rental, or purchase terms, and help ensure you make a deal where you come out on top.


Credible Legal Advice

Whether you’re considering dealing with commercial or residential real estate, it’s important to have an attorney from whom you can seek advice. If a situation is hazy, there could be subleasing issues, document discrepancies, or zoning issues. The best advice to seek is that from an experienced attorney.

While real estate agents must be well-informed to do their job, the only real credible advice can come from a real estate attorney who truly understands all the ins and outs of the legal areas in the industry.

The attorneys at Lusk, Drasites, & Tolisano excel in matters of the rental and real estate industry. If you or someone you know needs advice, representation, or assistance with documentation, then contact us to get one our professionals on your side.

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