7 Car Accident Injuries with Delayed Symptoms

In Southwest Florida, car accidents are on the rise. Unfortunately, between tourist season in the summer and snowbird season in the winter, car accidents are a constant, no matter the season.

Recently, a woman was in a car accident on I-75. She insisted that she didn’t require medical attention; she felt fine, just a little tense from the shock of the hit on her car. She was mostly concerned about the damage to her vehicle and her missed meeting at work.

Days later, this woman was not feeling well. She was sleeping poorly, her neck and shoulders were sore, and she was more anxious than usual. She visited her doctor, and when she was asked if she had any recent physical trauma, she mentioned her recent car accident. The doctor diagnosed her with whiplash. She didn’t begin to show symptoms until the next day, thanks in large part to her preoccupation with other issues related to her accident.

If you are in a car accident in Naples, Florida, here are some of the delayed symptoms of car accident injuries you should not ignore.


Car Accident Injury Symptom #1: Neck, Shoulder- Pain and/or Stiffness

A commonly delayed car accident injury is whiplash. If you start to experience pain and/or stiffness in your neck and/or shoulders hours or days after a car accident, you should see a doctor to report your symptoms.

Whiplash is a very serious injury that often occurs when your vehicle is struck from behind. Whiplash may require x-rays or other exams to diagnose and it will need proper care in order to heal. Most whiplash patients can make a full recovery if properly diagnosed and treated.


Car Accident Injury Symptom #2: Headaches

Headaches are a common part of life and can occur for many reasons. A headache after a car accident, however, can signal very serious injury. If you do not seek immediate medical attention after a car accident and you develop a headache within a few days post-accident, it is wise to see your doctor— particularly if the pain persists.

Headaches can indicate whiplash, severe stress, or even a fractured skull. Whether your symptoms present immediately or if they don’t appear for a few days, accepting medical care is wise to avoid exacerbating car accident injuries.


Car Accident Injury Symptom #3: Numbness

There are many symptoms associated with whiplash and none of them should be ignored. Numbness or loss of feeling in any part of your body could be an indicator that your car accident injuries are more severe than you thought.

Numbness can be a symptom not just of whiplash, but also severe spinal injury. If you are feeling numbness, immediate medical attention is needed.


Car Accident Injury Symptom #4: Back Pain

Back pain is very common after a car accident. Any time your body is jarred unexpectedly, your muscles tense up to protect your skeletal structure. The pain in your back could be muscular.

The back pain you are experiencing could also be related to spinal injury. Herniated discs, a sprained lumbar, and spinal stenosis could all be issues related to an injury that may not present itself at the time of the accident.


Car Accident Injury Symptom #5: Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain after a trauma like a car accident should be taken very seriously; it can indicate internal bleeding or injury. Your seat belt, the steering wheel, or even the deployed airbag may hit you with extreme force in a car accident.

You may experience broken ribs. This can result in punctured internal organs and internal bleeding. Internal bleeding can quickly lead to loss of life, so if you experience any swelling or discomfort after a car accident in your abdomen, seek emergency care immediately.


Car Accident Injury Symptom #6: PTSD

A car accident is traumatic. Even a fender bender can leave you feeling extremely stressed, constantly thinking about how much worse it could have been. If you are in a car accident and others in your car are severely injured or you yourself are severely injured, it is likely you will have prolonged feelings of anxiety and stress.

You don’t just need to seek medical attention for physical injuries. Mental injury is a serious concern as it can lead to loss of sleep, loss of relationships, or even loss of income. Do not try to fix these severe symptoms on your own. Seek the help of your medical doctor if you need a recommendation to a therapist.


Car Accident Injury Symptom #7: Changes in Personality or Physical Function

If you experience changes in your personality, your car accident injury may be to blame. Brain injuries are not always detected right away. Two of the biggest symptoms are unexplained personality changes as well as not being able to physically do something you normally would be able to. You might lose the ability to type, though before the car accident injury you were a proficient typist.

Car accident injuries are not always completely obvious at the crash site. Even if they occur hours or days after the accident occurs, make sure you see a doctor for any out of the norm symptoms you experience that could be related to your car accident. Seeking the advice of an attorney to ensure you get necessary compensation from the other party or your insurance agency is often a vital step.

The attorneys at Lusk, Drasites, & Tolisano are experienced in car accident injury and can help you receive as much compensation as you deserve after being the victim of a car accident. Call our offices today to speak with an attorney who will be on your side during the process of seeking damages from a car accident injury in Naples, Cape Coral, and Fort Myers, Florida.


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